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E.B. Rooster T-Shirts

Help us help others. At least $5.00 from each of these t-shirts will go to provide the important aftercare that so many like Erik need. Individuals and families find themselves financial tapped out while battling this fierce journey. We see the funds assisting with trauma therapy, coaching, and basic needs that come up while piecing life back together. 

A big thank you to our models. Jess and Josh are family friends and friends of our son Erik.


E.B. Rooster Guitars - #guitarsthatcare

When Erik came back home he asked for a safe place to live, a job, rides to probation and court dates, rides to the doctor and therapy appointments, etc. He needed a place to work that allowed time to heal. That is what he found at the guitar shop. Our guitars are inspired by his life. Our guitars are being built because daily we lose a bunch of beautiful people.

We hope that you will consider joining us in the fight against trauma, mental illness, and addiction. When you buy an E.B. Rooster please tell the story behind these guitars. Our son Erik is one of thousands who have lost their life. Stopping the stigma is the first step. Changing how we think about someone who is in the midst of the struggle can make all the difference. We hope these guitars will encourage many of you to give someone like our son a change at friendship, a job, or a place back into your own family.

We intentionally do not have a shopping cart for the E.B. Rooster Guitars. Dan wants to talk to you about which one is the best guitar for you. Give us a call or make an appointment to come down for a visit. We ship anywhere in the USA.

E.B. Rooster Fall 2017

E.B. Rooster Fall 2017