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The Story Behind E.B. Rooster Guitars

Over the years many of you have met my family (wife Cindy, son Erik, daughter Chloe, her husband Clete). On May 1, 2014 we lost our talented and gifted son to an accidental overdose. He was a huge part of our family business. We share in hopes that it may help in some way save someone, who like Erik, struggles with trauma, mental illness, and addiction.  Here is the story behind our guitars....

E.B.Rooster Guitars - what is in a name? For us it is many things that bring focus to a mission and a dream. The whole idea spawned from being at Cindy’s parent's home in SW Minnesota. We were walking through a storage building when I spotted a stack of lumber. We found out it came from a building associated with her father's poultry business that had been torn down. Immediately, I thought Rooster Guitars. Months later, I remembered the mohawk logo that Erik used for his graphic design business. That logo reminded me of the comb on a rooster. Minutes later the name E.B. Rooster Guitars was rolling off our tongues. The concept of us honoring our son's life and helping others in the struggle was born. We handed over our idea to our daughter Chloe and her fiance Clete. Within an an hour the headstock logo was designed.

Our question has always been, how can we help others going through what we experienced? Cindy has used her 20 plus years of experience as a critical care coordinator to become a Certified Addiction and Recovery Coach. After 26 years of repairing guitars, I was itching to get creative and build guitars. Together, we established the mission of CARE. Looking back on the years of taking care of Erik, our friends taking care of us, and my career of taking care of thousands of guitars the word “care” jumped out at us. It described what the mission of E.B. Rooster Guitars would be.

Guitars That Care Mission Statement
Taking care to build guitars that will be used to inspire stories you share through your music. At the same time, partner to care for individuals and their families that are on the frontlines fighting trauma, mental illness, and addiction. 

We are a family who is blessed to have loyal customers who are committed to quality craftsmanship. Here is to many more years serving you so you can continue to share the gift of music. 

Thank you for your support.

Erik Lee Blom (11/15/84 - 5/1/14) - A Wonderful Epic Life Video (thanks to Alterbridge for permission to use their song "A Wonderful Life".)


E.B. Rooster Team:  Dan & Cindy  -  Chloe & Clete