Visit from the Guitar Ramble Guys

Sean Thrower and Sam Green (owner of #4 Burnt T-Style) visit while at Summer NAMM 2019.


Geoff Smith has #8 Dakota Red Bass on the road with the Wall Flowers.

We nicknamed that bass The Revenant…looks like it got in a tangle with a bear.


#13 E.B. Rooster GI Paisley

On the road with TJ Harris.


The Trifecta - Talent, Cool, and Really Nice Guys

January 2019 - Loved a shop visit from Drew Smithers (EBR #11) and Scott Sharrard (EBR #33).

E.B. Rooster Guitars visit. Drew Smithers is playing the E.B. Rooster #27 Cherry Continental. Scott Sharrad is playing E.B. Rooster #22 Dakota Red S-Style.

#13 E.B. Rooster GI Paisley

On the road with TJ Harris.

TJ is his studio with his T-Style E.B. Rooster.


Colin Linden - playing #4 Burnt T-Style

Great surprise to have Colin test run our #4 when we delivered to Carter Vintage Guitars - June 2017.

Erica and crew from News Channel 2

June 2019 story about E.B. Rooster Guitars aired.

Jaymes Brass playing his E.B. Rooster Rehab Guitar.


REVV Booth Dallas Show - May 2018

Kyle demos our #11 Olympic White Relic S- Style


Summer NAMM 2019 - We are a REVV dealer!!

Derek Eastveld and Dan Trudeau are really great guys. Proud to say Derek Eastveld owns a few of our best guitars.

Javier Sobrino lives in Madrid, Spain. He is playing his E.B. Rooster #25 Mary Kay T-Style. Thanks for helping us be international.

#32 Black Contour T-Style on the road with Darren Mulligan - We Are Messengers

E.B. Rooster #32 Navy Contour T-Style has been donated to the Pinetop Perkins Foundations. Watch for information on an upcoming raffle. Mark your calendar for the Homecoming event held on October 13.

Delivery to Carter Vintage Guitars

E.B. Rooster Guitars August 2018 Consignments


#guitarsthatcare initial launch

November 2017 was our official launch of #guitarsthatcare